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┬╗Troubleshooting Guide

Problem Possible Cause Solution
 Not Product water. Water Supply is turned off/no raw water.
Turn on feed water/supply water.
2.  Not enough product water. Low water pressure feed. Water supply is  blocked. Clogged pre-filter
Check source water line pressure. Clear restriction, replace Pre filter Cartridge.
3. System does not shut off. Float switch is not working. Call service technician.
4. No reject water. Clogged flow restrictor tube. Call service technician.
5. Leak at fitting.
 Tubing not connected tightly. Tighten the connector.  Cut damaged area from  the tube.
6. Abnormal cycling of noise.  Pre-filter clogging or low feed water. Change the filter or adjust sufficient feed water.
7. Pump not functioning.  Loose electric connection.
 Burnt adaptor.
Replace the adaptor or  call the local dealer.
8. Pump functioning but not
producing  purified water.
 Water inlet solenoid valve failed. Replace the solenoid Valve.
9.  UV lamp is not glowing.  UV choke is burnt
 UV tube is burnt.
Replace the UV choke.
Replace the UV tube.