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»A Introduction of Water Purification

Presenting the SUNSHINE RO Water Purifier; it uses Advance and state-of-the-art technology to provide 100% pure, clean & healthy drinking water.

While talking about the heart of SUNSHINE water purifier we must say that a Reverse Osmosis membrane having capillaries as small as .0001 microns that removes dissolved impurities (salts and heavy metals) as well as harmful micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses etc.) and converts hard water to soft and pure drinking water. It comes with a UV sterilization* process to enhance purity and give double protection from harmful micro-organisms.

SUNSHINE water purifier also allows the user to ontrol the TDS level of purified water. Conventional purifiers are either Reverse Osmosis based which Removes dissolved impurities only or UV based which Kills Bacteria only and does not reduce TDS. This is the one main disadvantage of above both systems.

SUNSHINE RO has features of both purifiers and provides purified water free from bacteria and virus with controlled TDS. This process allows the user to control natural minerals flow of water to make their desired taste.

Salient Features of SUNSHINE RO Water Purifier: